Peter Pan

Please join us at Stand Out Talent as we audition our first Community Series show, Peter Pan!! The classic tale of the Darling children (Wendy, John & Michael Darling) being whisked away to a true paradise by the mischievous Peter Pan in order to escape growing up. Pirates, Indians and lost boys await them in Neverland!

Auditions are on Thursday February 2nd (8pm to 10pm) and Sunday February 5th (11am to 2pm); don’t worry, you’ll be out before the super bowl starts!
***we are adding another audition day! February 9th (8pm to 10pm)
If you can’t make these dates please send an audition to

Auditioners need to bring in a headshot, resume and a 32 bar cut of a song of your choice on either sheet music or a CD (if it’s a karaoke track, please do not have vocals on the track)

This show is ages 6 and up (we are casting age appropriately). Not all will be cast and those under age 18 will have a show fee and EVERYONE will have a costume fee! REHEARSAL CALENDAR TO COME AFTER THE SHOW IS CAST! Rehearsal days will be Monday/Wednesday/Friday (children under 13 will not be held until 10pm on school nights, except tech week) and Saturday’s 11am to 2pm (Thursdays added as needed). Not all are called to every rehearsal! ***Schedule very subject to change***

All roles are available! We hope to see you there!


March 27 through March 30


March 31, April 1, 2 | April 7, 8, 9


Friday & Saturday at 7pm | Sundays at 2pm


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