Board Members

Artistic Director: Jennifer Bortz
President: Jeremy Noonan
Secretary: Dany Lunetta
Treasurer: Michelle Perra
Members: Dennis Curry

what and why

Our goal is to create and provide content in live theatre and cinema for Placer County and beyond by partnering with schools, artists and organizations with similar vision and drive. We’re not interested in being an island–we’re all about solidifying business relationships, co-branding and growing the community through our commitment to standards of production that can only come from multiple relevant, current and experienced perspectives.

We strive to cultivate excellence in training (process) and performance (product) while inspiring talent of all ages to continue their quest toward their goals. If the goal is Broadway, Hollywood or beyond–we’re dedicated to preparing talent in what to expect and how to conduct themselves when they arrive–with confidence, competence and clarity of purpose. Many of our artists have moved forward to professional schools, theatres and jobs in the industry–and through relationships already established in larger cities, we’re also willing to lend a hand in establishing connections before the move is made.

Whether we’re creating original works, hosting outside entertainment, or offering our facilities as a hub for the needs of the artistic and professional community alike, we’re dedicated to partnering with you to achieve your goal for being seen, heard — and remembered.

reshape perspectives

“Reshape Perspectives

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think,
but to give you questions to think upon.”
– Brandon Sanderson

Jennifer Bortz Biography


jennifer bortz artistic director / creator

Jennifer began dancing at 3, singing at 6, marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade at 15 and performed her own cabaret in NYC at 21. Stand Out Talent is a culmination of a lifetime training in performance, education, business, and child development (ECE Units attained) and years of building lasting relationships with some of the best names in the industry – all steps toward her ultimate goal of offering a theatre for talent of all ages.

Over time, Jennifer recognized the evolution of the Arts from stage to media; in Los Angeles, Jennifer co-produced the LA extension of “Making it on Broadway” and found relationships with industry talent, casting directors and managers enlightening: the new “triple threat” is no longer singing/dancing/acting, but acting/singing/camera technique.

Jennifer integrated classes designed to provide performers with a process effective for both stage and screen. Soon she found her students “standing out” from their peers–booking work, signing with agents and managers, and landing scholarships to prestigious schools.

For Jennifer, Stand Out Talent is the opportunity she’s always dreamt of: to cultivate performers’ talents in an environment fully suited for their individual growth, and to provide a Venue for accomplished performers to feel excited about sharing their work with audiences. She’s thrilled at the opportunity to partner with the City of Roseville in revitalizing the Arts for her home community through the Tower Theatre venue, offering classes, concerts, film premieres and more.

The possibilities and potential, she believes, are unlimited.


Incorporated in August of 2010, Stand Out Talent received their 501c3 Non-Profit Status in November 2010 and moved into their new home in Roseville’s Historic Tower Theatre after a unanimous City Council vote on July 6, 2011. Since then, SOT has presented a continued wide variety of entertainment choices, including plays, independent film premieres and screenings, film festivals, birthday and prom parties, concerts, workshops, staged readings, stand up comedy, improv, fundraisers, and even weddings.

Stand Out Talent is proud to present a lifetime of diverse training and experience from such entertainment hubs as New York, Los Angeles and Seattle; we are Roseville’s newest all-ages training facility and production company for performing and media arts.

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